Red Pony Restaurant Review

Red Pony restaurant Franklin TN

Red Pony Restaurant Review – My friend and I dined at Red Pony this weekend in Downtown Franklin and it was a wonderful all around meal. The restaurant was smack dab in the middle of downtown Franklin and the atmosphere was absolutely perfect. This is one of top five favorite restaurants in Franklin.

They brought us out a tasty appetizer meant for first time customers. I am not sure if that’s something the servers do every time for first timers like myself or not but it was so unique and delicious. I call the appetizer the south’s version of gnocchi that was made with grits and a light sauce. I believe my friend and I could have ordered that as our meal for dinner it was so good.

On special was the chef’s grass fed filet from his actual cows he has or something like that. It literally melted in your mouth and I have not had a piece of meat that tender in a very long time. It was amazing.

As for what I ordered the BLT (bacon, lobster, tomato over Yukon potato hand made ravioli with corn cream truffle sauce) I ordered, I thought it sounded better than it actually tasted but it was still very good and they didn’t hold out on the lobster chunks.

Rounding off our meal was a very yummy creme brûlée.

I would definitely eat here again next time I am in Franklin