Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8 of the 10 fastest-growing occupations don’t require a college degree. Now, if you’re looking for the highest paying jobs without a degree in Orlando, that might sound like music to your ears!

Here is a list of high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree (based on a report on the median wages in 2013 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). For most of the entry-level jobs in these fields, all you will need is a high school diploma and your GED.

#10:  Power Plant Operators
While the minimum requirement for this job is a high school diploma, employers might prefer candidates who have attended vocational school or some college. Once you are hired, you will go through formal technical and on-the-job training. Power plant operators control and maintain the equipment used in generating electricity. In 2011, power plant operators earned an average annual salary of $68,100, which translates to an average hourly rate of $32.74.